Jonathan Quiles better known by his stage name Sik World, is an american rapper and singer from Tempe, Arizona. He amassed a following from around the world due to his ability to connect with people with his mix of passionate, raw, heartfelt, introspective lyrics.

Jonathan spent most of his childhood years in Chicago IL, where he was originally born. Later on in life his family decided to move to Arizona, being to young to make a decision for himself he had no choice but to go with. Adjusting to living in a new state, not knowing a single person, he had a very hard time fitting in during high-school.

As Jonathan approached senior year of high-school, he started dating a girl who he would soon fall in love with. After dating for nearly a year, he found out that she had cheated on him with his best friend and even went and got pregnant by somebody else. Dealing with this sudden heartbreak, along with already living in a broken home where his father was an alcoholic and his mother was addicted to gambling, he began dealing with severe anxiety and depression. 

Having no one to talk to about his problems, he turned to writing music. Ridiculed at first by his peers for being overweight and lacking the image of a "rapper", he ignored the constant doubt and in 2012 embarked on his journey as an artist by releasing a series of original songs and remixes on his YouTube channel. After a couple of years, he started to amass a loyal following of fans who relate to his story.

Jonathan currently has over 176,000 Subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Having only 5 songs on Spotify, he has still been streamed over 7 million times and has attained 128,000 monthly Spotify listeners. His first single from his upcoming 'When Stars Align' album, "Reflection" cracked the top 200 hip-hop iTunes charts & has been streamed over 250,000 times in just a month of its release. Having an undeniable presence in music and cult like following, he will undoubtably be a name to remember.

Jonathan is currently working on his highly anticipated debut album ‘When Stars Align’, which is expected to drop late 2017.