I wanted to write this letter to let you know I love you all more then anything. Our family Is growing at a rapid pace and it's near impossible to reply to everyone! 2016 Is coming fast and we want to set it up perfect, so I asked you all (via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) what did you prefer our team name be. With the most votes, we are now #SIKNATION! I want you all involved with everything I do and want you all apart of our movement.  I'm working on my first project "When Stars Align", and need you all to keep spreading the word about me. Tell a friend, tell your mom, your dad, your dog, your mailman, even your side chick about me. I want to make a mark on music and change the world for the better! I can only do that thru you! If anyone of you have #TEAMSIK In your bios, be sure to change it now If you can to #SIKNATION, going forward, this Is now our team. Much love!

-Sik World (Jonathon Quiles)